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I cordially invite you to use our services

The laboratory provides microbiological diagnostics services and medical analyzes for the population.

 We provide services in the form

bacteriological research


and we offer tests in the field

general analysis                           virusology                                             genetics



 We offer over 600 types of tests to choose from.

Performing an accurate bacteriological diagnosis allows the doctor to choose a more reliable method of treatment of the patient.

 We use the most effective traditional methods as well as modern computer tests to examine the material collected from the patient.


The result of the test which the patient receives, apart from diagnosing the cultivated microorganisms, also contains ANTI-BOGRAM (a test of sensitivity of the cultured microorganisms to antibiotics specific to them). In cases of yeast infection, we can perform MYKOGRAM (sensitivity test for grown mushrooms for antifungal drugs).

Very important for the quality of the test is the method of material collection, proper preparation of the patient for the examination and the right moment of material collection. Therefore, we ask you to contact us first to discuss the above-mentioned factors. In special situations, we collect material at home in the patient or in the hospital. In particularly complex cases, the material collected by the doctor may be sent to the laboratory on a transport base.

    We collect material for the tests:

  • from the throat,
  • from nose,
  • from ears,
  • with conjunctival eyes,
  • from pustules, acne and skin lesions,
  • from wounds, fistulas and abscesses,
  • from the oral mucosa,
  • from conjunctival eyes
  • discharge from the vagina and cervical canal.

                and other
We examine:

  • seed,
  • feces,
  • urine and urine sediment.


    The test results in the form of identified bacteria and fungi along with ANTI-BOGRAM and MYKOGRAM can be sent by mail or by e-mail at the patient's request.

 Before the visit, please contact us by phone for information on how to prepare for the examination or obtain information on how to reach our laboratory.



                                                                   The Laboratory is open:


                                                    from 9.00 to 17.00 bacteriological collection

                                                                          from 9.00 to 15.00 genetic and analytical retrieval             

                                                                            and on Saturdays

                                                             from 9.00 to 13.00 genetic and analytical retrieval

in the above we accept dates without subscriptions.

but if you are interested in another time outside of these times please contact us by phone.


The studio is located at the back of a BP petrol station located on ul. Puławska 413 corner of ul. Płaskowicka.

02-812  Warszawa ul. LELKA 26

You can also get to us by public transport 709, 739, 715, 727 from the WILANOWSKA subway station, getting off at the Sójki stop, opposite the BP petrol station.

From Piaseczno or Ursynów, take bus 737 to ul. Płaskowickiej near Puławska.

connecting to this site www.zumi.pl and entering: bacteriological research you will find out how to reach us.


Before the visit, please contact us by phone for information on how to prepare for the examination or obtain information on how to reach our laboratory.

      Detailed information about the preparation of the patient for the study and others is provided by:


+48  (22)                      741 00 00,                        619 23 94,                               374 36 18,

mobile          +48  695 260 473

 Electronic mail

 Sales and customer service: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


        The studio has been operating for over 60 years. It was founded by

doc. dr hab. Władysław Kostrzeńskiego


dr. Hanna Paklerska-Pobratyn

in 1957 and was located on ul. Nowotki 21 m 24 currently gen. Wł. Anders.

in the years 1991 to 2001

doc. dr hab. Władysław Kostrzeński with his daughter Dorota Kostrzeńska

he continued his activity on ul. Inzynierska 1.

After the death of her father, Dorota Kostrzeńska continued her activity on ul. Inżynierska and ul. Lelka 26.


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